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Staff Directory

The following directory lists staff members by department. You can also browse our staff directory by name.

We maintain separate directories for Graduate Technology Assistants (GTAs) and the design support teams located in specific colleges.

Program Administration    (Back to top)

Int. Assoc. Provost Educ./Innovation/Technology Jeffrey Morgan
Executive Secretary Janis James
User Services Specialist Anthony Mireles
Web Developer David Carter

University Outreach    (Back to top)

Assistant Director Nancy Herron
Program Manager Sandra Lozano
Program Manager Scott Mason
Program Director James Simpson
Academic Advisor Erika Almaguer
Academic Advisor Raven Crowder
Academic Advisor Becky Mobley
Academic Advisor Sandy Pricer

Faculty Development and Instructional Support    (Back to top)

Director Tamara Hoskings
Instructional Designer Teresa Acosta

School of Continuing and Professional Studies    (Back to top)

Director Mercedes Suraty-Clarke
Office Coordinator Tangie Robertson

UH-Northwest Campus    (Back to top)

Program Coordinator 2 Chimyra McKelvey
User Services Specialist 3 Jeff Dowdy